Sunday, January 14, 2007

Figure Drawings

Some of the more memorable figure drawings from recent history

The Philippines

In April of 2006 I went on a lifechanging trip to the Philippines with my family. It was a first for all of us. My mother had not been back to the Philippines in 30 years. The world is a big place with many different modes of life and living. Here are a few of the more memorable images from my sketchbook.

Waiting at SF International

Hotel in San Juan

An emblem on a drawer that caught my eye

Acacia and Banana trees in Bautista, Pangasinan

Waiting for my parents at a family friends house

We did a lot of driving that week

When the Jeepney broke down in the middle of the woods

The view from the Hotel

South Korea

I spent a month this last summer teaching and traveling around South Korea. These are just a few of the more memorable images from my sketchbook.

The view from my classroom

A movie-set park in Andong, historical city of South Korea

Old women at the park underneath Busan Tower

Drawings done as examples for my students

Nightime city-scape on the beach

On the curb in Busan

On the subway

The Borrone Sketches

Outdoors on a grey day

Saturday afternoon sketch

Local Jazz musicians that perform every second Friday