Monday, December 22, 2008

Friday, December 19, 2008

Woljeongsa Temple

Several weeks ago I took a trip out to Woljeongsa Temple to get a look at the beautiful Fall leaves. In Gangneung the leaves were a beautiful fiery red, as you can see from my earlier photos. At Odeasan National Park, home to Woljeongsa Temple, I was hoping to find a mountain park full of the same colorful leaves. It was a two hour bus ride but the thought of the beautiful photos awaiting my camera kept me going. As it turned out, I forgot to account for the higher elevation of the park. At that height the leaves had already fallen and all that was left for me were some bare trees and extremely cold weather. Here are the few good pictures I managed to get out of the day.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Fun with Photoshop A.K.A. Zombie Dawn

Minor adjustments in Photoshop to punch up the image:

Major adjustments made by adjusting the curves and saturation.

This would be the cover to my independant zombie movie.


Of all the photos I took on my last trip, I think this one is the most interesting. It's just a picture of leaves, but it's interesting because the image hasn't been edited in photoshop. This is the way the camera recorded it. The way the color is arranges, with it's areas of saturate and unsaturate colors, is not what you'd expect in the value range. Compare it to the black and white image below:

More Afternoon Foliage part 2

All photos were taken within a mile of my home.

More Afternoon Foliage

I got off work early one afternoon and rushed out to take some pictures before it got too dark. All of these were taken under natural lighting conditions, though they've been minorly tweaked in Photoshop.

Afternoon Foliage

Here are some of the autumnal colors you can find here in South Korea.