Monday, April 27, 2009

View of Sokcho and Soerak Mt.

Well, not a good view of Seorak Mt, but that's it off in the background. Taken from a famous lighthouse in the port of Sokcho. Interestingly enough, it's an international port. From there it's possible to take a boat to Russia, and then board the Trans-Siberian Express to Turkey. My co-teacher who I was with that day had made that trip several years earlier. Waaay cooler than me.

Naksan Temple

Naksan Temple, 40minutes North of Gangneung, just outside of Sokcho on the East coast. Booyah!

Bullfighting Festival in Daegu

The next morning my friend Jeff, the other dude from the earlier posts, a Korean friend we met named Chul-Woo and myself went out to the countryside to attend the annual Bullfighting Festival. It's the largest in Korea and the stadium was the biggest building for miles.

2nd Day in Daegu

After the bullfighting festival our Korean friend Chul-Woo showed us around town. We also visited a "wine tunnel" where a special persimmon wine is produced. The tunnel was orignal a train tunnel built by the Japanese during the occupation.

Late Arrival in Daegu

Took a trip out to Daegu, the third largest city in Korea. I arrived at the lesser used North Daegu station. It was hot and there were no lights save for the cars.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hwasang Cave in Donghae, which is known internationaly as "The Cave City"

This guy's dope!

I was having a bad day and came across this guys work. I do not think it was a


That's it, that's just it.

There is no more need for any art anywhere to be done.

Just let this guy do it.

Especially when it comes to the The Lord of the Rings.

Monday, April 06, 2009

O-Saek Pt 3

The fog finally began to clear in the afternoon.

O-Saek Mountain Pt 2

O-Saek Mountain pt1

Went for a hike on a foggy day. This is O-Saek Mountain, close to Seorak Mt. It was a foggy and rainy day and it made for some great pictures.